Smokeless Fuel Bags

Smoke free zones are becoming more and more common, as different parts of the country try to protect air quality and improve the environment. One reaction to this has been for more and more people to start burning smokeless fuels, briquettes and ‘ready to burn’ kiln dried logs. We also offer the option of a wide range smokeless 20kg bags.

By combining our smokeless 20kg bags with options like hardwood, softwood or olive wood logs you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The logs give off the kind of subtle yet pleasing aroma associated with wood smoke, while the smokeless fuel itself increases the intensity of the heat and the length of time the fire burns for. By using kiln dried logs which have a moisture content of less than 20%, you’re guaranteed a genuinely ‘smoke free’ fire.

The options we offer include woodcoal, anthracite, Supabrite, excel and Blazebrite. If you’re not sure which would suit you best then get in touch with us and we’ll explain the properties of each and advise you in making the best choice for your requirements.

You may be unsure whether you live in a smoke controlled area, in which case you should check the government’s own website at Failure to remains smoke free is not only bad for the environment, it can also lead to you having to pay a pretty heavy fine. Thanks to Logs Direct, complying with the rules is simple, at the same time as enjoying a beautiful blazing fire that creates minimal mess to clear up.