Bags of Kiln Dried Logs

When you buy a kiln dried log bag from us you can be certain you’re getting quality fuel. The kiln drying process produces logs that are ready to burn. The drying process reduces moisture in the logs. This leads to them burning hotter and burning longer. Put these factors together and you have a fuel that makes your stove more efficient and saves you money. Technically speaking, a log form our kiln dried log bag burns as much as three times longer than an unseasoned wood log.

The improvement doesn’t end there. By taking the best quality hardwood and kiln drying it we produce logs which give off a pleasing aroma when burning. Not only that, but they are clean and light enough to be easy to handle. Our kiln dried log bag can be purchased in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements and budget. From a small net containing up to a dozen logs, all the way up to a dumpy bag large enough to fuel multiple fires or last through a winter. From hardwood to softwood and olive wood, all of our kiln dried log bags contain logs with 20% or less moisture in them. Place your order today and we’ll make sure you have the fuel you need for your fire pit, chimney or pizza oven. No matter how large or small, a kiln dried log bag will serve the purpose it’s purchased for, providing an efficient, value for money solution to the problem of finding the right fuel.