Wood Pellet Horse Bedding

As well as our other lines of wood pellets, we offer premium horse bedding in wood pellet form. This is purpose-designed to provide comfort and cleanliness to your animals. It also provides a more efficient way to ‘muck out’ your horses, reducing the time taken significantly!

The wood in these pellets is treated with intense heat, drying it to between 8-10% moisture – even drier than wood that’s ready to burn – then put under very high pressure. This forms pellets with no need for glue or other additives – these pellets are 100% wood and eco-friendly.

Bags hold around 15kg of horse bedding – enough to be useful, but not enough to be too heavy for easy use – and you can even order in bulk by the pallet.

Using Wood Pellet Horse Bedding

Take two of our 15kg bags of horse bedding wood pellets and empty them into a wheelbarrow.

Add around 30 litres of water.

Repeatedly turn the pellets until they have been fully exposed to the water and it has had time to soak in.

Tip the contents of the wheelbarrow onto the floor of the stables.

Repeat until the desired amount of animal bedding has been produced.

Rake the bedding into position to make the bed.

If you have any questions, or you aren’t sure how many bags would make a good amount of bedding for your stables and would like some advice, please contact us. We’re always happy to hear from our customers, and we love to get the chance to help them.

And don’t forget to order any other animal or fire supplies you might need! That’s the beauty of ordering from Logs Direct.