Logs Direct Reward Points Scheme


  • Eligibility: To participate in the Reward Points scheme, customers must register with the logsdirect.co.uk website
  • Earning Points: Customers can earn Reward Points by making purchases through the logsdirect.co.uk website. The number of points earned will be determined by the total amount spent, with one point earned for every whole pound spent, provided you were logged into your account at the time of completed order. We cannot apply points to your account if you were not logged in at the time. Guest / anonymous checkouts do not earn any reward points.
  • Redemption: Customers can redeem their loyalty points at any time on future checkouts, if you are logged in to your account at the point of checkout.
  • Your Account: Customers check their current points balance and redemption history in the "Your Account" section of the logsdirect.co.uk website.
  • Expiration: Loyalty points may have an expiration date, after which they will no longer be valid for redemption. The expiration date will be clearly communicated to customers by email.
  • Fraud: Any attempt to fraudulently earn or redeem loyalty points will result in immediate disqualification from the program.
  • Modifications: The business reserves the right to modify or terminate the loyalty points scheme at any time, with or without notice. Any modifications or termination will be communicated to customers via email, website, or other means.
  • Limitations: The business may impose limitations on the number of points that can be earned or redeemed by a single customer, or on the total number of points that can be distributed through the loyalty points scheme.
  • Privacy: The business will collect and use customer information in accordance with our normal privacy policy which you can find in the footer of this webpage. Customer information may be used to administer the loyalty points scheme, communicate with customers about the scheme, and for other purposes consistent with the business's privacy policy.
  • Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising under or in connection with the loyalty points scheme will be resolved through interaction with our customer services team or chat service.


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