Smokeless Fuel

If you live in a smoke free area but want to be able to keep your stove lit then you’re going to have to buy smokeless coal. If you come to Logs Direct you’ll find a wide range of smokeless coal to choose from. In addition, we supply in the kind of quantities our customers need, from a single 20kg bag to a special offer 25 bag deal.

In all cases the smokeless coal we supply conforms to the government standards. These are rules which have been put in place to protect the environment, and breaking them can lead to a large fine. If you’re not sure whether you live in a smoke controlled area then check the government’s own website at Even if the law doesn’t say you have to use smokeless coal there are still very good reasons for choosing it. As well as being kinder to the environment, smokeless coal burns with a medium high-heat for a longer period of time than standard coal. Use it in your home and you’ll find it much easier to keep a cosy, welcoming fire glowing all evening. In addition, it has lower ash content, meaning less mess and less time spent cleaning out your fireplace or stove.

Smokeless coal can also be combined with other fuels such as kiln dried logs, making it a versatile solution for a range of situations. If you want to find out more about the smokeless coal we stock then please contact us to discuss your needs. Whether it’s a single bag of Excel smokeless coal, a bag of briquettes or a combination pack of fuels, we’ll supply exactly what you need.