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Our range of topsoil products are perfect for improving both domestic and trade spaces. Produced to the highest standards and screened for large lumps and stones, making it easy to handle and rake out. All of our topsoil products are 100% natural and fertile, giving lawns and plants a boost.


What is the Difference Between Topsoil and Compost?

As the name suggests, topsoil is the upper layer of a garden’s soil. This layer is filled with organic matter which is essential for plants to grow. Over time, however, this topsoil layer will become more shallow, giving plants less room to grow. Compost is effectively a concentrated version of topsoil which is what makes it so suited to plants that are grown in pots where nutrients are not replenished.


Why Should I Use Topsoil?

Topsoil is incredibly useful for helping improve the quality of your soil on a larger scale than compost. While compost can be useful for ‘topping up’ the quality of soil, it is not a very cost-effective option when there is a significant amount of ground that needs to be replenished. Topsoil provides a useful and affordable route for setting a strong foundation for your soil and can add more depth which some plants require to flourish.


Can I Mix Topsoil and Compost?

Combining topsoil and compost is very useful for potted plants. While topsoil will not be as nutrient-rich as compost, it provides a firm structure that retains water better. Compost alone will usually dry out quite quickly, so mixing the two is a good idea. Similarly, giving your topsoil a seasonal boost with a thin layer of compost can keep your soil packed with the organic matter that it needs.


How Much Topsoil Do I Need?

The amount of topsoil that your garden needs depends on the plants that you are planning on growing but, as a rule of thumb, anywhere between 2 and 8 inches in depth is ideal. For larger sites, this can require a significant amount of soil. If you would like some guidance on how much you will need or would like to order a bulk amount that is larger than our 500kg bulk bag, please call us on 01524 812476 for prices and delivery times.


Where do Logs Direct Deliver?

At Logs Direct, we include our standard delivery within the overall cost of our products. Products will be delivered nationwide within 5-7 working days from when your order has been made. As standard, your delivery will be made to the nearest available point of your property with a flat and hard surface, such as a kerb or a tarmac drive.


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