Briquettes & Eco Logs

Wood briquettes are made from dry and untreated chips of wood and dried sawdust, which are pressed together to form brick-shaped slabs of wood. Otherwise known as eco logs, they are made for the primary purpose of burning. We stock a range of briquette types and sizes, so if you’re looking for briquettes for a log burner, have a browse of our online store to find the right ones for you.

Are wood briquettes better than logs?

Wood briquettes typically contain less than 10 per cent moisture – less than wooden logs – which means that they can reach much hotter temperatures and therefore burn for longer. They are more economical than logs, as they have superior burning qualities. Another significant advantage of using wood briquettes for burning is that they are easy to light up and put out. They also produce little to no odour, smoke and ash. Many people prefer using wood briquettes to wooden logs because they are easy to break down into smaller pieces, making them ideal for use in indoor fireplaces.

How long do wood briquettes burn for?

The average burn time for two pounds of wood briquettes is one hour. Of course, this can vary between manufacturers; however, you can generally expect to reach this level of performance, which is longer than the burning time for logs.

Are briquettes cheaper than logs?

Briquettes are generally cheaper to use than wooden logs. This is because they are more economical and burn for longer, meaning that you’ll need to buy fewer of them over time. Logs also need to be dried and cracked before they are ready to be sold as firewood; this is typically a more expensive process than compressing the chips and sawdust used for briquettes. For one of the best selections of briquettes in the UK, head to the Logs Direct online store, where you’ll find a variety of brands and quantities to suit your needs, with fast delivery times.