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Specialist Cooking Woods for Restaurants & Caterers

Firewood and charcoal are becoming an increasingly popular way of fuelling wood-fired ovens among caterers and restaurateurs, throughout the UK.  Logs Direct have a dedicated range of specialists products for almost all catering needs.  Many of our products are suitable for restaurants and kitchens which use wood-fired ovens and grills.  We can deliver to your restaurant on a guaranteed regular schedule to suit your needs: You can buy wholesale and keep fuel in stock, or have regular deliveries if you manage your stock levels more closely.

Our most popular natural fuel-fired oven products are:

Restaurant Charcoal

We have had great feedback from hundreds of restaurant owners that our Logs Direct 12Kg bags of charcoal are perfect for the restaurant trade.  They are both easy to handle by hand and the ideal size to keep an eye on stock levels. Our restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal has been specifically designed for restaurant use:

  • It’s easy to light
  • It reaches an ideal cooking temperature exceptionally quickly
  • It provides and lengthy cooking time
  • It has also been approved by DEFRA, for use in smoke controlled areas, which makes it perfect for catering and restaurants in inner smoke-controlled areas.

We also stock a range of 5Kg premium lump wood or briquette charcoal, available to order for restaurant owners who need more flexibility in packaging size or, who prefer the use of briquettes.

If you know how long a 12Kg bag lasts you and what your general usage rates are, we can help you set up an automatic recurring order, so you get regular guaranteed deliveries to your restaurant when needed.  Conversely, if you need an emergency charcoal order, just call us on 01524 812476 and we guarantee to rush down an emergency courier order within the same day!

Kiln Dried Firewood

As our trading name suggests, we have a multitude of options, when it comes to logs for your wood-fired oven.  Our most requested and popular wood-based cooking fuels are:

  • Kiln Dried Midi Bags
    Our kiln dried midi bags contain enough wood to fuel a wood-fired oven for one day.  A midi bag is undoubtedly the most convenient option for most of our catering customers.  Using the kiln dried midi bag, you can easily eye-up stock and transport logs in and around the restaurant — they can be easily and efficiently stored in a dry outhouse or shed and transported quickly to the oven.
  • Dumpy Bags
    When more storage is available, restaurants will elect to go for our dumpy bags of kiln dried logs.  The dumpy bag itself is breathable, meaning that logs can be safely left in a shed or outhouse without worrying about damp.
  • Kiln Dried Crates — 1 or 2 cubic meters
    A crate of carefully stacked firewood is going to give the most cost efficient option.  Providing you have ample dedicated storage space and/or you have a really high turnover of logs for cooking, kiln dried crates are the most economical option.  As they are expertly packed, it means storage space is more effectively used and you can keep a more accurate itinerary of exactly how much wood you have in stock at any given time.

No matter which of the firewood packaging options you choose, the logs from Logs Direct are guaranteed to be restaurant grade quality: always kiln dried in a quality controlled environment to below 20% moisture, making Logs Direct logs the most efficient burning available for the restaurant market.

We also have a range of specialist hardwoods and fruitwoods available, in various sizes and species.  If you need applewood, hazel sweet chestnut, or silver birch, give us a call on 01524 812476 and we'll happily help you get exactly what you need.

Wood-Wool Eco Firelighters

Where regular firelighters have a chemical component that isn't suitable for catering establishments, our wood-wool eco firelighters are far more food-friendly. Made with sustainably sourced wood-wool, then coated in clean wax, these are a great way to get a fire going quickly, without the need for chemical contamination.

Much like regular firelighters, just one of these is great for getting the wood oven going quickly, and it's also more environmentally friendly so, if you've been struggling without firelighters, or contravening the rules with paraffin-based products, for all this time, give natural firelighters a try, you won’t regret it!

Large Wheeled Basket

If your restaurant advertises itself on the use of wood-fired ovens, or you have a kitchen that's semi-visible to the public, then a large wheeled basket full of logs is bound to leave a great impression. Even if you only use it behind the scenes, these large log baskets are ideal for storing logs and wheeling them from storage to the kitchen easily.

Kiln Dried Kindling Wood

It goes without saying, that if you want to get a good fire started quickly, you need some kindling. Logs Direct kindling goes through the same kiln drying process as all our kiln-dried hardwood, so you'll be safe in the knowledge that it is as dry, and quick lighting, as you need it to be.

Kindling from Logs Direct is packaged in log nets, which are handy to store and transport.  Our standard size also makes it easy to order the exact amount you need. 

Wood pellets

Along with wood-fired ovens, we are finding that many catering establishments are now switching fully to biomass heating systems; meaning that wood is required, not just for cooking, but also for heating your premises your guests and perhaps even your hot water.

If you have switched to such a biomass-based system, or are thinking about switching to one,  then you'll appreciate knowing that Logs Direct is on the Approved Biomass Suppliers List.  Being on Approved Biomass Suppliers List means  that our kiln dried logs, kindling and wood pellets can be used in your biomass heating system if you are part of the Renewable Heat Incentive (and even if you are not).

Of course, the most sought after options in our range for the Renewable Heat Incentive is our Blazers Wood Pellets.  Blazers Wood Pellets are incredibly fuel-efficient and capable of being fed into an automated hopper. If you are a regular customer of charcoal, logs or kindling, don't forget to stock up on wood pellets too. It's not just your food you want to keep warm, it's also you and your customers!

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