Lumpwood Charcoal

Lumpwood charcoal from Logs Direct

Looking for 'lumpwood charcoal near me'? Logs Direct stocks the best in lumpwood charcoal for your barbecue, so you can keep the flames going all day long and cook your barbecue food to perfection.

Lumpwood charcoal delivery

Lumpwood charcoal from Logs Direct is available for delivery across the UK. Hassle-free and at a competitive price, this makes our lumpwood charcoal the ideal choice for your home. We can get it delivered to you quickly and on the day you need, so don't let a lack of fuel stop you when you have a barbecue planned.

UK lumpwood charcoal

Lumpwood charcoal, when used with a barbecue firelighter, is renowned for its quick-heating properties. All you need to do is place a firelighter of your choice under a few charcoal lumps before lighting the firelighter to get some heat into the intial coals. Then, when the flames have died down and you can feel the heat rising, place more lumpwood charcoal on top to get the flames going once again. Using lumpwood charcoal is the easiest way to get an even cooking heat in your barbecue for optimum barbecue food. Burning evenly and slowly, it'll keep your barbecue warm for hours and is easy to top up. It works for all sizes of barbecue, so stock up on the number of bags you need to keep it fuelled all summer long.

Lumpwood charcoal: a superior choice for the environment

Unlike barbecue briquettes, lumpwood charcoal doesn't contain any lighter fluid or chemical additives. This makes it a better choice for the environment as the smoke has fewer toxins than other modes of fuel. If you have a small, urban back garden with a barbecue, lumpwood charcoal is always the superior choice.

Get fuelled up with Logs Direct

Logs Direct stocks lumpwood charcoal for your barbecue as well as a number of other barbecue fuels, all delivered to your door wherever you are. Just give us a call at 01524 812476 or get in touch via our email address today to discuss what you're looking for - we'd be happy to help!