Woodcoal Briquettes 20kg

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A 20kg bag of woodcoal: intense burning coal that is appropriate for multi-fuel stoves.

It is easy to light, has a high heat output, bright and lively flames, low ash content, consistent in quality. It burns safely when combined with wood and other solid fuels. Woodcoal will take your fire right on through the night to the following morning. Longer burning alternative to wood Environmentally friendly low sulphur content High heat output

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Wanting to try a new smokeless fuel that provides high heat with a flame? Then woodcoal is the product your after!

And whats more woodcoal is the only manufacturered fuel that burns efficiently and correctly on a dedicated wood burning appliance.

Woodcoal is a natural product formed in the earth formed from compressed organic material, mainly wood, over a long period of time. It is an intermediate material in between peat and coal. Logs Direct wood coal is suitable for use in multi-fuel stoves, room heaters and open fires.

If you are new to burning a solid fuel wood coal briquettes are a really good introduction to this as it provides a gorgeous glowing briquette in your fire.

Delivered in handy 20Kg carry bags and of course comes with our FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR!

1. What are woodcoal briquettes?
If you imagine a coal seam, with with wood decomposing at the top, and coal fully formed at the bottom, then woodcoal is half way down below peat.

2. What does woodcoal look like?
It is similar to coal to appearance, however it is less dusty. It is in a formed chunky briquette.

3. How do you burn it?
Ideally use wood to get the fire going, then put the woodcoal briquettes on for a long lasting burn with a medium heat output.

*Woodcoal is not an authorised smokeless fuel in the UK, but it is a naturally produced smoke free fuel suitable for burning on most appliances including dedicated wood burning stoves. This product might be deliverd in a Lignite briquette bag.

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