Softwood Logs

Shaped to size in our sawmill, our softwood logs are available in seasoned and unseasoned dumpy bags as well as a net, a pallet load, or a truck load.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the firewood you need at a great price.

Softwood burns hotter and faster than hardwood, meaning that you get a warmer fire much quicker, but you will need a little more to keep the fire going all evening – which is why we make it easy to order as much as you need.

For those of you who like to season your own wood, softwood also has the advantage that it seasons much faster.

Softwoods are also the fastest growing woods in Britain. While a beautiful oak might take 150 years to grow to size a softwood tree can get to full growth within 20-25 years, so from an ecological  point of view softwood certainly is much more sustainable.

Why not mix your firewood between hardwoods and softwoods for an easier light and a smoother burn over time?