Supabrite Smokeless Fuel

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We know many of our customers want to curb their fires’ smoke output. Maybe you live in a smoke control zone, and for that you would need to choose an approved smokeless fuel. But Supabrite produces very little smoke and for many customers who live outside of a smokeless zone Supabrite is a really great fuel.

We choose this product because of its ability to light easily, give a strong reliable heat output and minimal amount of ash that is left to be disposed of so for closed appliances and open fires this product will give you lasting amount of heat at minimal cost.

Maybe you simply wish to minimise environmental impact. All the same, you love your fires, and you don’t want to lose them.

It’s supplied in 20Kg bags, but you can make major savings by ordering 25 or even 50 at a time – enough to keep the home fires burning beautifully for a long time.

It produces very little ash, as well as very little smoke, and is long-burning. You can expect to keep warm all night with Supabrite. We think it’s perfect both for open fires and multi-fuel burners and stoves.

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