Cat Litter Wood Pellets

Low cost and ultra-absorbent, these eco-friendly wooden pellets are made from 100% natural recycled sawdust. The pellets are completely biodegradable and compostable, so after they’re used they can be added to your compost heap – excellent for roses.

Best of all, these pellets provide a natural pine scent that helps to offset the aroma the cats will be providing.

We offer bags of 30L/15Kg (approx.) pellets, which can be mixed with other products or a pallet of 15Kg bags for families who want to be prepared for a long time to come! These bags are large enough to last but small enough to handle easily, which we believe is the perfect compromise.

Orders can be delivered direct to your door. Make sure that as you look after your cats, they also help you look after the environment – and after your garden!

For more information on our 100% wood cat litter, feel free to contact us at any time.