Wooden Log Stores

For many people the biggest issue faced when using fuel such as logs to heat their home is the question of where to store the fuel. Here at Logs Direct we go to a lot of time and trouble to provide our customers with the best quality logs, but the full effect of those logs will only be felt if they’re stored properly. The perfect way to do this is with one of our wooden log stores.

Storing logs in a space such as a utility room or garage may be tempting, but it throws up several problems. The first is the simple issue of the amount of space taken up in a busy home. The second is the fact that it’s impossible to guarantee the logs won’t be impacted by damp or cold, losing the ultra-low moisture content achieved through our kiln drying process. Our wooden log stores, on the other hand, have been custom designed with this purpose in mind.

We provide our wooden log stores assembled or unassembled, depending upon which is more convenient for the customer. The wood they have been constructed from has been ‘tantalised’. This is a technical term which means that it has been pressure treated in order to preserve it and protect it from the elements. Each store has a weather proof roof, a raised floor and ventilated sides. This all works to keep damp out and maintain a constant air flow. In short, our wooden log stores will ensure that each and every log you burn hits the stove or fire in the best possible condition.