Wooden Log Stores

For many people, finding the space to store all the logs you need in between orders can be a challenge. These days, utility rooms are primarily concerned with washing machines, chest freezers, muddy shoes and bicycles. However, it’s still vitally important that logs are correctly housed before use.

As Approved Wood Fuel Merchants, we only sell the very best logs, and we especially pride ourselves on the low moisture content of our logs and other wood fuels. As such, we strongly recommend that you store your logs to get the most benefit from the high quality already innately present. If you don’t have space in a garage, or access to a shed or barn to store your logs in, we emphatically encourage you to use a log store.

The wooden log stores we have at Logs Direct are purpose-designed and you can have them delivered assembled or unassembled depending on your preference. Our log stores have fully weather-proof roofs and are made of tantalised (i.e. preserved), pressure-treated wood to ensure that full protection against the elements is given to the logs stored within. They also have ventilated sides and a raised floor, so if there is any encroaching dampness, the wood has the maximum possible air flow to allow natural drying and moisture dissipation.

These stores are not only great for storing kiln dried logs or other ready-to-burn wood fuels, but are also great for long-term storage if you wish to dry your own wood. To reach the recommended 20% maximum moisture content requires around 1 year of drying and seasoning, and our wood stores are perfect for that purpose.