Welcome to Logs Direct. We’re a family-owned and run kiln dried log and smokeless fuel supplier based in Lancashire, delivering across the UK.

We can fulfil orders of any size, and deliver for free anywhere within the UK*. Most orders will take around 5-7 working days but we can fulfil next day deliveries for a small charge – please call us on 01524 812476 for more information.
•Unfortunately certain postcodes will attract a surcharge.


We know there are many alternatives, so why buy fuel online from Logs Direct?

This is the fuel we use to heat our homes – we believe in our products and our hearths and homes are warmed and our boilers fired with the same wood and smokeless fuel that we supply to our customers.

We deliver hundreds of bags of logs and smokeless fuel every week, to homes and merchants all across the UK. People have tried and tested, and stuck with us over the years, because we sell the best quality kiln dried logs, smokeless fuel, top soil and mushroom compost.

Our kiln dried logs are perfectly dried and officially Ready to Burn, reducing the moisture content below 20% - this leaves you with logs that give a long, sustained burn, and release a rich aroma without the acrid smoke caused by damper woods.

Our smokeless fuel also has a long burn time and has a low ash content. We work hard to minimise the clunker in our bags of smokeless fuel so you get more for your money, and our smokeless is supplied in easy-to-carry bags with strengthened handles.

All our wood fuel products are responsibly sourced and where possible from FSC® certified forests. We are dedicated to operating our business in an environmentally sound way.

We are certified Coal Merchants and certified Wood Merchantsand members of Woodsure. Our commitment and drive towards being recognised as one of the top solid fuel sellers in the UK has led us to seek out and achieve every level of accreditation, every professional certification, and every trust mark and symbol of quality available in our field. We want you to know you’re in good hands with Logs Direct.


As well as smokeless fuel and wood fuels, we also have a range of specialist items in stock.

Try our highly practical Burner Firestarters, they are odour and mess-free and even burn when exposed to water and humidity. Eco-friendly and more effective than other wood products.

We sell the incredible Flazers Eco Logs, which burn so efficiently and leave so little waste they’re nothing short of a fuel revolution. Very cost-effective, and you can use the ash as garden fertilizer.

For the Spring and Summer seasons, we have an etensive range of top soil and compost.  

We also have a range of firelighters and kindling, which aren’t available anywhere else in the UK, and natural wood wool firelighters, which you can use on BBQs as they are 100% non-toxic.

We also have some top quality additive-free wood pellet products, including fuels for portable pizza ovens, wood pellet boilers, extremely absorbent cat litter, and very effective horse bedding, perfect for the chilly autumn weather and easy to muck out.


We are more than happy to hear any out-of-the-ordinary requests you have, and if it’s to do with wood, smokeless, or other fuels, chances are we’ll be able to help out.

We’ve also been supplying out products to the TV and Film industry for years, providing the perfect fires for high budget TV and film products. We can provide information and advice on whatever you need, just call us on 01524 812476.

Because logs are aromatic and aesthetically pleasing, we have also started to sell decorative logs. These include tied bundles of decorative birch logs, which can be thought of as equivalent to the cheerful glowing coals you can sometimes see in gas fires: these bundles are very pretty and especially evocative of Christmas; they have been used by many as Christmas decorations in fact, including major retail brand Next. We have a range of premade wooden log stores, or can create bespoke log stores for the perfect size and fit, just get in touch on 01524 812476. We also have solid wooden chopping blocks and will have more decorative wooden items on their way soon. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

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