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If you use a wood burner, traditional house fire or fire pit, you may want to take advantage of our UK-sourced kiln dried logs for sale. Our smokeless coals are lovingly prepared at our lumber yard in Lancashire, are ready to burn and are compliant with regulations for those living in smoke control areas.

What is Smokeless Fuel?

Smokeless fuel is an alternative to traditional coal and coke, which burns with a high heat output and no smoke. Smokeless fuel (also known as processed fuel) provides the same warm, atmospheric glow and distinctive crackle as ordinary house coal. It is mainly used in smoke-controlled areas and is also cleaner, more efficient and produces less waste than traditional fuels.

What is the best smokeless fuel?

When it comes to choosing the best smokeless fuel for fire pits and wood burners, both your budget and personal preference should inform your selection. At Logs Direct, we have affordable kiln dried logs for sale which offer incredible heat output while producing virtually no smoke.

You may also wish to consider smokeless fuel bags, peat briquettes, smokeless fuel bundles, Supabrite smokeless fuel or wood coal, depending on your preferences. However, if you prefer to burn logs, we’re certain our kiln dried logs for sale will ignite your senses. Remember: none of our fuels are imported - our logs are all UK-sourced and handled with care in our Lancashire-based lumber yard.

Which fuel is a smokeless fuel?

Judging by the number of queries we get along the lines of “is wood a smokeless fuel?”, it can come as a surprise to learn that kiln dried logs are smokeless. Our kiln dried logs for sale are ready to go on your fire pit or wood burner and deliver incredible heat output with a long-lasting burn time.

If you like to combine fuels, or would like to try another smokeless fuel for a wood burner or fire pit, we can also recommend our peat briquettes, smokeless fuel, wood coal and Supabrite smokeless fuel.

Is smokeless fuel any good?

From an economic perspective, smokeless fuel is a smart choice. Our smokeless fuel for fire pits and wood burners can provide up to 33% more heat than standard fuels and could also burn for up to 40% longer. This means our UK-sourced kiln dried logs burn hotter for longer periods, so you won’t need to refuel your appliance as often.

Using UK-sourced logs which need refuelling less often means that our smokeless fuel options are much more environmentally-friendly than wet wood. This is because wood that has not been sufficiently dried produces copious amounts of smoke while burning for shorter periods. To enjoy better value for money while doing more for the environment, we recommend checking out our Lancashire-based kiln dried logs for sale.

Why do you need smokeless fuel?

If you live in a smoke-free area but want to be able to keep your stove lit then you're going to have to buy smokeless fuel. If you come to Logs Direct you'll find a wide range of smokeless fuel to choose from. In addition, we supply in the kind of quantities our customers need, from a single 20kg bag to a special offer 25 bag deal.

Does your smokeless fuel conform to government guidelines?

In all cases the smokeless fuel we supply conforms to the government standards. These are rules which have been put in place to protect the environment, and breaking them can lead to a large fine. If you're not sure whether you live in a smoke controlled area then check the government's own website at Even if the law doesn't say you have to use smokeless fuel there are still very good reasons for choosing it. As well as being kinder to the environment, smokeless fuel burns with medium-high heat for a longer period of time than standard coal. Use it in your home and you'll find it much easier to keep a cosy, welcoming fire glowing all evening. In addition, it has lower ash content, meaning less mess and less time spent cleaning out your fireplace or stove.

Are smokeless fuels being banned?

Smokeless fuels are NOT being banned. There seems to be some confusion around the banning of certain fuels, as wet wood and house coal are set to be banned by 2023. However, kiln dried logs are considered eco-friendly as they do not produce anywhere near as much smoke as wet wood.

Kiln-dried logs are dried out in a large oven prior to being sold. This helps remove as much moisture as possible from the wood, resulting in minimal smoke when the logs are burned. You can therefore browse our kiln dried logs for sale with confidence that they will be safe, legal and environmentally friendly to use, even after the UK government's ban on wet wood and house coal comes into effect.

Is smokeless fuel environmentally friendly?

There are a number of reasons why smokeless fuel is better for the environment. It produces less carbon dioxide, less sulphur dioxide, less particulates and less ash than coal. Smokeless fuel burns more efficiently than house coal; this results in fewer emissions released into the atmosphere. Less smoke means that smokeless fuel is cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

What are the other fuels that you can burn together?

Smokeless fuel can also be combined with other fuels such as kiln dried logs, making it a versatile solution for a range of situations. If you want to find out more about the smokeless coal we stock then please contact us to discuss your needs. Whether it's a single bag of Excel smokeless coal, a bag of briquettes or a combination pack of fuels, we'll supply exactly what you need.

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