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It might shock you to learn this, but not everything on the TV is true. If you cut down a tree in a forest, no matter how nicely you chopped it up, it would still make a very poor source of fuel. Not only is it difficult to light freshly chopped wood, if you did manage to do so the fire would be very smoky and extremely inefficient. Even if it was being burned in a hearth, it’d be causing serious damage to the chimney and risking a chimney fire from the build-up of creosote. So when the hero goes out to cut some branches for the fire, he’s not actually being as useful as you might imagine.

Freshly cut (or green as it is sometimes known) wood has a very high concentration of water, and when burning, over half the potential energy is wasted in evaporating the water. When it’s newly chopped, most wood tends to have a moisture content of around 60% - 80% and requires a substantial amount of drying before it’s suitable to burn – we wouldn’t recommend burning anything more than a 25% moisture content, and ideally you should be looking for less than 20%.

Achieving this level of moisture requires more than a year of drying - often not a timescale TV heroes stranded in a log cabin in the woods can work to. For those of you without a damsel in distress and an impatient film crew, one of the best ways of making sure you are burning the most efficient fuel is to buy kiln-dried logs. The process of kiln drying reduces the moisture content down from the 60% - 80% mark to below 20%. This results in wood which burns cleanly and efficiently.

One kiln dried log can produce the same amount of energy as around three freshly cut logs, because there’s so much water to evaporate in the green wood. When used properly, wood is a 100% renewable, carbon neutral source of energy which is cheaper and more eco-friendly than gas or other alternatives. With the gorgeous scented smoke, cheery crackle and gentle glow of a wood burning fire, you can really set the scene in your home with Logs Direct.