Smokeless 20kg Bags

Smokeless zones are likely to spread across more of the country in years to come. It’s no wonder that so many fire lovers are turning to ‘ready to burn’ wood and smokeless coal.

But these aren’t your only options!

Our line of smokeless 20KG bags includes woodcoal, anthracite, Supabrite, excel and Blazebrite. Which do you like to burn most?

You might want to pair them with hardwood or softwood logs. These add that lovely woodsmoke aroma to your fire. The coal allows you to sustain the fire for longer. Make sure any logs you use are fully seasoned or kiln dried to 20% moisture or below! If you don’t, your fire won’t be as ‘smokeless’ as it should be.

If you have any questions about our smokeless options or any other part of your fire, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help.