Peat Briquettes

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Peat has very little smoke and a wonderful aroma when burnt, as well as being easy to store and fuel efficient. Arrives in a bale that is easy to break apart.


If you like the idea of a natural flame appliance in your home, but don't want to burn logs or wood then don't worry. We can provide the solution in the shape of peat briquettes. The Logs Direct peat briquettes take the form of a single compressed 'bale'. This has the advantage of making sure that 12.5kg of peat is very small and easy to store, a huge advantage if you're living with limited space. When you need to burn some peat, simply break off a smaller 'briquette' by hand and throw it onto the fire or wood burning stove.

Another advantage of burning peat briquettes lies in the positive environmental impact. People have been burning peat for centuries, and modern techniques allow it to be gathered in a way that also creates areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Put one of your peat briquettes on the fire or stove and you'll soon notice the other big plus point of burning them. It's the wonderful aroma they give off. The rich scent of peat smoke is like a fine malt whiskey or the wind whistling over the countryside, and you'll be able to enjoy it every time you light your fire. Other advantages include the low levels of sulphur given off by peat and the small amount of ash produced. Not only is a peat fire easy to clean up after, but the peat briquettes themselves are clean and easy to handle, leaving no residue of soot.

Like all of our products our peat briquettes are delivered free of charge to your door, providing the order meets minimum requirements.

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