Peat Briquettes

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Peat has very little smoke and a wonderful aroma when burnt, as well as being easy to store and fuel efficient. Arrives in a bale that is easy to break apart.


At Logs Direct, we stock peat briquettes which can be burnt on your fire and stove. Peat has a low smoke level and a pleasant aroma, arriving in a bale which is easy to break apart.

What are peat briquettes?

Peat briquettes come as a single compressed bale, which makes them very easy to store. Peat is often used as an alternative to firewood for heating homes. It is made from the partial decomposition of vegetable matter in wet acidic conditions. This is then cut out and dried and formed into briquettes for use in domestic heating.

How to burn peat

Burning peat on your fire couldn’t be simpler. Simply break off a piece of the briquette by hand and throw it on to your wood-burning stove or fire. Then sit back and enjoy the lovely sight of the crackling flames, while appreciating the lack of smoke that peat produces. Burning peat briquettes also means less ash produced and lower levels of sulphur, which is a great advantage.

Wonderful aroma

One of the main benefits of burning peat briquettes is the incredible aroma they give off when burnt. This rich and delicious scent could be compared to a fine malt whiskey, filling your home with a comforting smell. This aroma coupled with the warmth from the fire makes peat a great option for cold winters.

Environmental advantages

Peat is a renewable fuel that has natural deposits all over the world. As it has been used for centuries, we now have modern techniques that allow us to gather peat in a way which forms areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Easy to store and clean

Peat briquettes are small and compact, making them very easy to store away. When handling the briquettes, you can be assured that there will be no soot transfer, as they are very clean. Also, a peat fire is very easy to clean up after, saving you time in the evening.

Logs Direct

Logs Direct are a leading peat briquettes supplier, with affordable prices and nationwide delivery. Meet the order requirements and you can have our peat briquettes delivered to you free of charge.

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