Woody Winner Has Its Roots In Sicily!

Our Logs Direct Woody Award winner for July is the street food and mobile event caterer, Sicilia Roots, from Kingston-upon-Thames!

Visitors to Kingston or Enfield markets may have experienced the wonderful taste sensations that pizzaiolo, Enzo Gravante, has been generating for 25 years, as he recreates some of Sicily’s food traditions in his wood-fired oven.

Like all Woody winners, Sicilia Roots scooped its Woody by thrilling customers and generating rave reviews. Comments included: “It’s the best pizza I have ever had!  I can’t even walk past without having this amazing, delicious pizza” and “Fantastic, brilliant, outstanding, amazing pizzas and entertainment.”

Much care goes into each pizza’s preparation, with Sicilia Roots using a unique dough recipe linked to Sicilian culture and maturing its dough for 48 hours before cooking, to ensure a highly digestible and crispy Roman Sicilian style pizza.

The wood-fired oven gives the pizza base a phenomenal texture and allows the dough to rise in a way that electric or gas oven can’t achieve. Having the right wood is vital.

Enzo uses our Logs Direct’s first-class, kiln-dried wood, with its consistent quality and moisture content of less than 20 per cent.  The same consistency comes in the length of the logs we supply and these two factors allow Enzo to exactly plan how much wood he needs to use and budget effectively for his fuel.

The support and great service Enzo gets from our team provides peace of mind. Enzo knows the delivery will be on time and exactly as requested, thanks to a smooth and professional service.

He says: “We are very excited about our Logs Direct Woody Award.  It will be proudly kept on our market stall and help build more profile for our business as we attempt to reach our goal of having ten mobile pizza units in London by 2018.”

Complete the Pizzaiolo Census & #FireUpAgosto

 One of our key associates, and providers of our wood-fired recipes, Valoriani UK, has two novel initiatives on the go that no pizzaiolo should overlook.

Firstly, it is organizing Britain’s first ‘Pizzaiolo Census’ to try to discover how many trained pizza chefs there are in the country, so that the Italian food sector can avoid the skills shortage the Indian restaurant sector is suffering.  With wood-fired cookery growing in popularity all the time, this is hugely important.

Secondly, Valoriani UK is urging any restaurant or individual with a wood-fired oven to #FireUpAgosto in Valoriani Wood-Fired Foodie Fortnight, starting on the Italian public holiday of Ferragosto (August 15).

During this fortnight, eateries are urged to create events around their ovens, lay on special promotions, devise new dishes and recipes and share all that they are doing with keen foodies by using the hashtag #FireUpAgosto.

Chefs wishing to participate and get free PR for their efforts can advise Valoriani’s PR consultant, by emailing jane@catapultpr.co.uk  Details of what they are doing will also be posted on the Valoriani UK website.

Details of both initiatives, and the form to complete for the Pizzaiolo Census can be found at www.valorianiuk.com

Pizza-Themed Guinness World Record Set In Naples

The gurus at the Guinness World Record offices have officially declared that a Margherita pizza concocted in Naples is officially the largest pizza ever and a new GWR holder.

This amazing pizza was created by 200 chefs from around Italy and measured nearly 2km in length, stretching right along the seafront of Naples.  Ingredients used in this feat were 2000kg of flour, 1600kg of tomatoes, 2000kg of mozzarella, 200 litres of oil and 30kg of fresh basil.

The incredible, yet traditional, Neapolitan foodie treat was cooked by five moveable pizza ovens, which travelled right along its length, cooking it as they moved along.  Walking from one end of the pizza to the other took 20 minutes.

We’re not too sure what happened to the pizza once cooked, but guess that a lot of people in Naples had a slice of the action.  The only question now is, ‘Can anyone beat that’?

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