Wooden Mushrooms

Rather than waste the spare cut-offs that come from cutting our logs down to size, we thought of a much more imaginative use for them. Made fresh from lumps of tree wood, these little guys are a great piece of ornamentation and talking point for any garden, flower planter or mantelpiece. If you want a little more colour in an area you could even paint them, and wood mushrooms look great in any colour, so no need to be realistic about it. Use them to contrast your display of flowers, or brighten up the bare edges of a bright green lawn. Or keep them a natural colour to provide some more subtle decoration; even when you don’t notice them straight away, it’s amazing the difference that a well-placed mushroom can make.

If you do decide to keep it indoors, there are still a lot of places that it can make a big show. The natural wood colour makes it great to put on the mantel above the fireplace or next to the recipe books in the kitchen for a little extra decoration. If you happen to have bought our decorative fireplace logs, place a few of these around the bottom for a unique display.

Of course, over time, your collection can even grow. One mushroom might turn to two, and then three and before you know it you can have a little wooden mushroom patch in the centre of your lawn, all merrily individual in their hand-crafted style.