The natural, Eco friendly way to light your fire

For years now everyone has struck a match, leaned into their fire or BBQ and lit one of those small and smelly firelighters which, eventually with a little help, burst into life and give a minute or so of burning. The best known of which are the petrol chemical based ones that come in small flat boxes, and when opened omit such a smell that it leaves your living room smelling like your local petrol forecourt. Well times have changed, and just like the computer replaced the type writer, so to these awful traditional white firelighters have been replaced with their Eco friendly cousins. Welcome to the world of natural wood based firelighters!Wood wool eco firelighters

This is the most simplistic and natural way of lighting your fire without using a Flint and some tinder. The make up of these firelighters is simply wood shavings that have been spun together tightly, to form a small looking 'wood wool' Eco friendly firelighter about 7 cm long. The magic itself however comes from the impregnation of natural, non odorous wax which helps create a firelighter that is both easy to light and long lasting. So much so in fact that one firelighter can last well over 10 minutes on your fire or BBQ.

Another thing that makes these little balls of wood wool magic so good is that they leave no nasty odour on your hands. As a result our Eco friendly wood wool has really found a niche in the restaurant sector. When cooking food on a wood fired oven or charcoal grill these natural fire lighters are the best way to light them as there is no way that they can taint the food or indeed the clothes and hands of the chef that is attempting to light the grill or oven.

If you would like to discuss these little beauties further or try some over the summer period to light the family BBQ or the wood burner on those cold nights why not contact us over the phone or on Twitter and Facebook.