Why you should top up your top soil

Top up your top soil

Top soil is a really under rated product; and not something you may know the benefits of until you give it a chance.

It is exactly what it says – a top layer of garden soil. Normally, the top layer of soil would have received minerals from leaves and other natural materials which have decayed onto it, giving it plenty of nutrients to pass on to the plants you then choose to grow within it. Good quality topsoil is essential for your garden. Successful borders, lawn bases, raised beds and flower beds all depend on great soil. You can even use it as a base for landscaping.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s garden is lucky enough to have nutrient rich soil, and that’s why you can buy top soil. Logs Direct can supply high quality garden soil, which will be suit most of the garden uses you can imagine. Our bulk buy top soil (and compost) is competitively priced and will provide the right nutrient mix for all your garden needs.

Cubic metre topsoil calculation

Buik top soil is cost effective for raised beds and borders Buik topsoil is cost effective for raised beds and borders

Ready to take the plunge but not sure how much you need? We've looked at the recommendations of the Royal Horticultural Society for you. Take a quick measurement of all the areas of your garden where you’ll want top soil. As a base for laying a new lawn, you’ll need a coating of at least 10 cm (roughly 4 inches) of top soil. A new flower or vegetable bed will need a minimum of 20 cm, or 8 inches. The same 20 cm is recommended for container gardens, for example raised beds, troughs or pots.  Our bulk bags hold one cubic metre of topsoil.  So, for a 10m x 10m garden, using a depth of 10cm, you would require 10 of our bulk bags.  Using this method, you can easily calculate your topsoil cost (or feel free to call us to talk it through).

When your topsoil arrives, you should take a good look at it. Not all soil is the same.  Our topsoil is free of contaminants like stones, making it really easy to rake into your existing surface. Cheaper top soil isn't screened, and you may find weeds, glass pieces and bits of brick mixed in with your soil. In some really poor quality examples, invasive plants like Japanese knotweed, ivy and couch grass roots are buried within the top soil you buy. Look out for their white, fleshy roots – not to be confused with brown, fibrous roots you’ll find in higher quality top soils, which have come from shrubs and trees. We only provide high quality top soil, which has reached the best British Standards (3882:2007).

Logs direct are currently having a soil sale.  With a 1CBM dumpy bag of premium topsoil for only £79.99.

Please call the Logs Direct office on 01524 812476 — we'll be happy to advice you on your gardening needs.