Why your restaurant should switch to lumpwood BBQ charcoal

Use natural briquettes on your BBQIf you’re cooking on a grill professionally, or even if you’re just serious about your home BBQ setup, you’ll want the very best food and the very best fuel. While Logs Direct can’t bring you the food, what we can offer is the best quality ‘restaurant grade’ lumpwood charcoal, designed especially for the restaurant and catering trades.

What’s the difference between lumpwood charcoal and briquettes anyway? All forms of charcoal are wood, burned without any oxygen present; lumpwood charcoal is the result of that process — nothing else.  Charcoal briquettes (often labelled as “instant light charcoal”) are made from wood by-products.  BBQ Briquettes, particularly the ones often sold at petrol station throughout the United Kingdom, often have added ingredients such as coal, limestone, borax, Sodium nitrate, sawdust, corn-starch and often petrol or other solvents.  These supplementary unnatural additives are included for a variety of reasons: they aid combustion helping you to light the barbecue; they facilitate the compression process in manufacture; and they allow the producer to artificially extend the product shelf-life.

Lumpwood charcoal is superior to additive infused charcoal briquettes or 'instant light' charcoal Lumpwood charcoal is superior to additive infused charcoal briquettes

As lumpwood doesn’t have these additives, there’s no chemicals to get in the way of the flame, meaning it burns hotter and lights faster. Because it’s made from a piece of wood, and not compressed pieces, you’ll also get a lot less ash from lumpwood than you would from a briquette. The serious grill enthusiast loves lumpwood charcoal because it responds well to oxygen, so if you have air vents on your grill, the lumpwood temperature will respond to the changing air quantities.

Lumpwood BBQ charcoal comes in larger chunks than charcoal briquettes, meaning it’s a great choice for the bigger grills which professional kitchens tend to have. Without the additives you might find in other types of fuel, this is a pure source of heat and it won't spoil grills and food. The lack of additives means a much nicer taste experience for your diners, as there are no nasties which might infuse into their dinners.

We’re happy to supply our restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal to both the trade and home customers who want that restaurant experience in their own home, and we can even sort out delivery for you.

Don’t waste your time with cheap alternatives!  Logs Direct can supply you with the lumpwood charcoal cooking experience that will set you apart from all your neighbours or competitors.