St. Valentines’ Day Logs

Firewood Safety

On a wintry day, there are few settings as romantic as curling up together in front of a blazing fire.

Woodburners and open fireplaces are both very popular for this. Of course, if you really want to take advantage, make sure you’ve chosen the right logs. Nobody wants a fire faux pas during their romantic time together!

Most wood you can buy from roadside vendors and the like is ‘wet’ wood. It might feel dry to the touch, but there’s so much moisture locked in there! This creates heavy smoke, which won’t help the mood.

Instead, make sure your firewood is sourced from a reputable supplier. It should carry the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ seal.

The Cupids at Logs Direct have also produced a guide to lighting your St. Valentines’ Day fires properly. Make sure you kindle the flame quickly. You’ll look expert and skilled, and won’t lose time!

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