Is Your Pet Comfortable in Their Bedding?

It’s just as important to your pet to have comfortable bedding as it is to you. Luckily, for most pets, it’s also much cheaper!

Our pets selection includes options for bedding for many of our small furry or feathered friends. Whether the right bedding for them is hardwood chips, hay, or even a mix of the two, we can help.

We also offer food for rabbits and guinea pigs. We want to make it easy for anyone who wants to look after their pets!

Logs Direct is staffed by pet lovers. We understand the frustrations that can arise trying to find top-quality bedding.

That’s why we decided to make it simpler for ourselves. We source the products we want to use, and we offer them to you too. We believe in spreading the benefits!

Why not get in touch so we can start the ball rolling?

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