Logs Direct's New Gift Vouchers for Firewood

Here at Logs Direct, we love to hear back from our customers and value any feedback you send us. It was great to hear people’s responses to the previous news update – some of the stories people told us about unwanted presents really had us laughing. It was also lovely to hear the feedback about our “unusual gift vouchers”.

When we came up with the idea for gift vouchers, we envisaged all kinds of uses for them, and some of our customers certainly seem to have agreed with us, with words such as “revolutionary”, “brilliant” and “unique” being used. We really found ourselves agreeing with one customer who said “Another fantastic idea by the Logs Direct team, always thinking about ways to help the customer”.

As a family-run business we appreciate how it can feel around the holidays if something is preventing you from being with the people you love and care about, and the comment that our gift vouchers are “a fantastic idea to keep those you love warm this winter, even if you can’t be with them” really struck a chord with us, and we hope that many of you who can’t be with the people you care about will use the vouchers for exactly this purpose.

Another heart-warming idea we loved was giving a young couple some vouchers as a wedding gift, to make sure “the start of their marriage is as warm as their life together should be”.

With so many uses, there’s no surprise that these have been an extremely popular choice as we move into Christmas gift-buying season, so order yours now to make sure you can slip them in the recipient’s stockings in time for Christmas day.

On another note of good cheer here at Logs Direct, we are celebrating our status as Approved Coal Merchants. What this means is that you can buy coal online from us and be assured that we adhere to the guidelines set out by the National Coal Board.

As a final thing before we go, we’d just like to pass on that it is widely believed that many local authorities will be extending their smoke controlled regions over the coming year, so while traditional kiln dried hardwood logs may no longer be an option for some people, there are a lot of smokeless fuel alternatives which can often burn more efficiently and cleanly.

For now though, everyone here at Logs Direct hopes you have a very warm and happy Christmas time and a fantastic New Year celebration.