Logs Direct Launch New Air Dried Silver Birch Crates

Logs Direct have added to their extensive range of firewood with a new air dried silver birch crate. The logs are ready to be used straight away with a moisture content of around 15 - 20%.

The logs have been dried in the old fashioned way, by leaving them out in the open over a period of time. This drying process produces logs that have been properly seasoned with a moisture content of less than 20%. In fact most of the wood measures around 15%, making it perfect for using right away.

Stephen Talbot, Company Spokesman said “Silver birch is one of the most beautiful woods to burn. It has an attractive flame pattern with strong yellow flames with occasional flames of purple and has the most fabulous perfume. Not only will you be in for a treat with the knock out perfume but it also produces terrific heat, lights really well and makes good charcoal”.

Silver birch is a hardwood and is one of the most popular for burning because of its constant heat output. Used in many parts of the world, it is also one of the prettiest woods because of its bark, which comes in shades of white, silver, pink and brown. Birch wood is white to pale fawn in colour sometimes with a satin sheen to it.

It creates a perfect ambience in the room and whilst the fire is not being used the logs can be stacked at the side of the fire place as an attractive decorative piece.

The logs are packed in a handy 1.2 cubic crate, measuring on the outside, height 124 cm, width 124 cm and depth 80 cm.

Each log measures approximately 25cm in length and the price per 1.2 cubic crate is £198.50 including delivery and VAT.