Do you know what charcoal is best for your barbecue?

Now that summer is safely under the way, it’s time to seize the day and plan for your barbecue. That said, a British summer is always hard to plan around. The weather could turn for the worse at any minute.


When it comes to charcoal, you have numerous options available for you. For the barbecue enthusiast that wants a more traditional edge to their outdoor cooking, lumpwood charcoal is your answer. This is a fast-lighting, hot and clean solution, though it burns up quicker than the alternative.


Briquettes are the best solution for the professional BBQ user.  They’re great to keep at a steady temperature for your cooking and burn longer than lumpwood. The downside is that briquettes are harder to set alight and produce a little more ash waste.

Smokeless Charcoal

If you need to control the amount of smoke your barbecue puts out, either because you live in a smoke controlled area such as London or you don’t have a large space to barbecue in and want to minimize how much smoke gets into your guest’s eyes, why not consider our smokeless restaurant Charcoal selection. These are approved for use in smoke controlled areas and take the sting out of your seasonal shindigs.

Instant Light

For the truly spontaneous that want their barbecue blazing as quickly as possible, our instant light charcoal is a great option. You simply put the charcoal in the body of your barbecue and set the bag alight, and you’ll be cooking in no time.

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