Quality counts: why Logs Direct firewood is the best

Quality firewood is critical for a good burn

At Logs Direct, we only sell firewood of the highest quality. All our firewood is the right age for burning, has been dried for an appropriate length of time and has been stored correctly. But does this quality control make a difference? We believe that it does. We want to ensure that your firewood burns well and produces the clean, long-lasting fire you deserve. We’re proud of our firewood, which is why we’d like to give you some insight into the importance of each small factor that contributes to its overall quality.

Age of firewood

into-the-woods-800px felled too young, firewood is green and sappy.

First of all, let’s consider the age of the wood. Wood from a tree that is too young will be too sap-rich and too green to burn well. It’s critical that firewood is harvested from sufficiently mature trees. All our logs are cut from trees that were old enough to yield strong, dry wood, so you can rest assured they will burn impeccably well.

Correct seasoning

Split your wood prior to seasoning Split your wood prior to seasoning

Secondly, we should think about the drying process. All wood has some moisture trapped within. Drying wood gets rid of most of this moisture and allows the logs to burn hotter for a longer period of time. It is therefore vital that the drying process be carried out thoroughly, which takes time. All our firewood has been dried as thoroughly as possible before being sold.

Logs Direct sell a mixture of kiln dried and old fashioned air dried firewoods. All our woods, both air and kiln dried, are seasoned appropriately, to below 25% moisture.

Wood storage

Good firewood requires good storage Good firewood requires good storage

Finally, it is important to note that the conditions in which logs are stored have an effect on their quality. If logs are stored in damp conditions, they may become rotten and unusable or simply reacquire some of the moisture they lost during the drying process. Our firewood is stored in conditions that ensure it won’t lose any of its efficacy or become unusable. After all, we put a lot of work into making sure our firewood is perfect; we don’t want to ruin it!

The quality of firewood is dependent on many subtle factors, including its age, the length of time it was dried for and how it was stored. We try to ensure that all the firewood we sell is truly top-notch in every respect so that you can enjoy clean, hot, long-lasting fires.

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