Esse Stoves from Logs Direct - a unique heating and cooking experience

Esse Stoves from Logs Direct - a unique heating and cooking experience

The portable Esse Garden Cooking Stove turns the traditional woodburning stove into a combination of both patio heater and cooking device. The culinary experience with this stove can either be one which sees the amateur chef cooking their food in pans or casserole dishes with the hotplate down, or grilling a range of food when the hotplate is lifted up. Again, the device is ideally suited to burn Logs Direct’s kiln-dried wood, so is a perfect addition to the product range.

Logs Direct’s sales director, Stephen Talbot, says:

“We are always abreast of what both our customers and the market wants and recognised that gardening and cooking would be two main diversions for anyone having to self-isolate in the short or longer term. The reaction we have had to our new products has been sensational and the beauty of it is that we can also supply the right wood for any of our al fresco cooking devices. We like to think that we are expanding the culinary repertoire of not just our clients in Lancashire and the South Lakes, but others all over the country, who are putting their orders in.”

With both social life and work likely to be based around the garden for at least the foreseeable future, with the UK becoming a nation of people in no hurry to get back to an office or give up working from home, Logs Direct may continue to develop other wood-based options to suit our changing lifestyles. In the meantime, its sales are hotting up thanks to an army of wannabe wood-fired cooks.

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