How to run environmentally friendly wood burning stoves

An estimated one million households in the UK now have a wood burning stove installed at home. Until fairly recently, they were a practical choice for heating the home in rural areas that weren't connected to the main gas supply. Homes in rural areas also tended to have easy access to firewood supplies if they lived near woodland.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Burning Stoves Environmentally Friendly Wood Burning Stoves are a great way to heat your home

It's now the case that homes in more urban areas are also turning to environmentally friendly wood burning stoves. Not only are they a lovely way to heat your home, there have been claims that burning wood, a renewable material, benefits the environment more than burning non-renewable fuels such as coal or gas. If you have a wood burning stove in your home, however, you may be wanting to make your fuel consumption even greener.

So what's the best way to run a wood burning stove and still benefit the environment as much as is possible? There are a few ways you can improve your stove's environmental performance by making the best choices about what to burn.

Environmental logs use up the materials from other industries to create a clean and efficient fuel. The ones that we supply, Blazers eco logs, are based on the waste materials from the fencing industry. Burning 'eco' logs helps reduce industrial waste, and because they are so compacted the cost of transport is much reduced making them an ecological choice for multiple reasons.

You can also make smart environmental choices when it comes to firelighters. The old fashioned way is also the greenest; rather than throwing your orange peels away, save and dry strips of peel to use as firelighters. Another green choice is our wood wool eco firelighters. Wood wool is renewable and uses only natural materials such as beeswax and wood-wool to get your fire going.

While heating your home is always going to have some sort of impact on the environment, you can help minimise this as far as possible by making green choices when it comes to fuel. Consider installing a wood burning stove in your home today.