Why we should all embrace the Danish concept of Hygge


Autumn is almost upon us. The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  When the evenings draw in, we turn to warming stews and casseroles; we shut out the damper, chillier air of late September and October. With our thoughts turning to comforting things in the darker months ahead, the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ is suddenly seeing a surge of interest in the UK.

Hygge – pronounced ‘Hoo-ga’ – is roughly translated as ‘cosiness’.  It’s a uniquely Danish idea. Hygge means creating a warm and inviting atmosphere and enjoying the good, simple things in life with the people who matter the most to you. It’s the warming glow of firewood logs on a cold evening.  Chunky-knit snowflake patterned socks.  Hygge is the flickering of tealights on your mantelpiece.  The feeling you get when you shut the world out on Christmas Eve and snuggle down to enjoy time with loved ones.

Last year, Morley College in London began to teach people Hygge.  Getting them interested in this cosy Scandinavian tradition from a country regularly ranked the happiest in the world (despite enduring 17 hours of darkness during the coldest winter months). For most Danes, Hygge involves firelight, family, friends and serving warming meals in a relaxed and cosy environment.

Central to Hygge is the hearth, the heart of the family home. Hygge is taking off big-time in Britain.  This autumn and winter, there has never been a better opportunity to indulge and step back from the competing pressures of work and technology. Ahead of the colder months, now is the time to stock up on candles and make sure you’ve bought in plenty of kiln dried firewood logs to burn or coal fuel to see you through the Hygge season.

With fuels for every hearth, all ethically sourced to give you that extra comfort and peace of mind, Logs Direct can help see you’re kitted out and ready to embrace Hygge. Find your happy place and enjoy the simple pleasure of a roaring fire as the nights draw in.  Because this year we’re all going to be a little more Hygge!