Bright Spark Burnie is On a Firework Safety Mission!

Lancaster-based business, Logs Direct, is striving to keep children around Lancashire and Cumbria safe on and around Halloween and Bonfire Night, through a dynamic new bright spark within its team – Burnie the Burner Firestarter.

Burnie is a pupil-friendly little chap inspired by Logs Direct’s unique Burner Firestarter -a simple-to-use, light first time firelighter for which it has sole UK rights.

Having discovered the Burner Firestarter, a Danish Hygge-living style product, Logs Direct’s Halton-based team decided to create a superstar hero who would always work to make life easier and safer. After various sketches on the drawing board, adorable little Burnie was born.

Having created the concept for Burnie, he was soon turned into an eye-catching character heading out to spread fire safety messages.  Burnie has been spotted in Booths in Ulverston and will be heading to Windermere on October 30, as an ambassador for his new firework safety poster downloadable at

Burnie is fired-up to keep Lancastrian and Cumbrian children safe. Over 500 children in the UK are rushed to A&E in the four weeks around Bonfire Night, with boys aged 12-15 particularly at risk.  Injuries to hands, and then eyes and face, are the most common.  Half of all fireworks’ injuries are suffered by children and, in the past few years, 350 injuries have been incurred by pre-school children.

Halloween also has fire safety risks.  In 2014, TV personality Claudia Winkelman’s eight-year-old daughter Matilda, suffered severe burns after her trick or treat costume was set-alight by a candle. Being burned and scarred can be an experience from which it is hard to recover.

The danger of sparklers, in particular, is often unappreciated. Sparklers are five times hotter than cooking oil, reaching a temperature of 2000°C, which is also twenty times the boiling point of water.  Holding them too close to the body, or near to long hair, can see clothing or hair catch fire, with disastrous results.

Stay Safe on Bonfire Night Download the full-sized poster by clicking here

Older children, who somehow gain access to fireworks and carry them in their pockets, to set alight at some point, also seem unaware it is against the law for anyone under 18 to carry fireworks in public. Fireworks should never be sold to anyone under this age.

Logs Direct hopes Burnie’s arrival will drive some key safety messages home and that teachers will take advantage of the poster, to talk about Bonfire Night safety. Pupils could particularly point out to parents that they should never use paraffin or petrol on a Bonfire. By using Burnie’s little Burner Firestarter sachets, they would find it super-easy to light their wood.

Logs Direct’s marketing assistant, Nicola Powell, says: “Burnie is here to spread joy and happiness, but also to keep children and adults safe.  He is a great ambassador for a product that can also help do that, without any of the nasty odours associated with other firelighters.  He really is our little superhero.”


Burnie's Best 'Bright Spark' Firework Safety Tips for Kids

  1. Never carry fireworks. Only adults can do that, by law.
  2. Make sure your parents always store any fireworks in a closed box.
  3. Do not let anyone smoke cigarettes or pipes around fireworks.
  4. Never play with matches and especially not when fireworks are around. Use a torch to read the instructions, not a flame.
  5. Be very careful if wearing a costume for Halloween or Bonfire Night. Never let it near a flame or firework, candle or fire, as it may not be fire-safe.
  6. Only hold a sparkler if you are wearing gloves.
  7. Never hold a sparkler close to your clothing or anyone else’s.
  8. Ask your parents to tie your hair back safely, if you are going to be holding sparklers.
  9. Take care not to wave a sparkler near anyone else’s hair or the fur of a pet. Your pets should be kept safely indoors.
  10. Remember sparklers are super-hot – 20 times hotter than boiling water, so take great care with them.
  11. Never put a sparkler near a baby or younger brother or sister’s face, to show them the lights.
  12. Never let your parents start a bonfire with paraffin or petrol. Tell them that ‘Burnie’ can do the job instantly!
  13. Make sure your parents have buckets of water close at hand, to put fireworks out, if they do not go off, and also put out the bonfire.
  14. Never go around picking up firework cases, they could be red-hot, even if they do not look it.


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