Have You Found the Best Bedding for your Horse?

Keeping your horse comfortable isn’t something anybody wants to skimp on. Like any beloved pet or service animal, we want to keep our family friends in the best state possible – and making sure your horse or horses have the best bedding available is important for that.

So what’s the right way to go about this?

Wood and Water

Our solution uses wood pellets – made by heating the wood to dry it out much further than usual, then pressurising that wood into a pellet. No glues or additives are used; the pressure is enough.

You add a litre of water per kilogram of pellets and allow it to soak in, then tip out and rake into place to make highly comfortable bedding for your horse.

This water will prime the pellets; after about 20 minutes they’ll have expanded to around three times their original size, making for a soft, fluffy, comfortable bed – but make sure to rake it a few times to clear out any pellets that haven’t broken down.

Innovations in Horse Comfort

Many stables already use pellet bedding, knowing that it provides a comfortable solution that’s easy to muck out and can be replaced much more smoothly than traditional hay.

This is the modern way to keep your horse comfortable, and we recommend it.

Why not get started today?

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