Bed Your Plants in Better with Topsoil

With the thundersnow and other bad weather still fresh in our memory, it’s looking like gardeners have a much shorter time to transfer their sensitive plants from pot to flowerbed before the summer heat sets in in earnest.


Your plants may need an extra level of loving care. It’s time for them to transfer from compost to nutritious, nourishing topsoil.


(You may also want to refresh your topsoil if you’ve been having trouble with and other plants growing as they should.)

Benefits of Topsoil

While compost is more nutrient-heavy, weight for weight, it dries out more quickly and is less able to maintain its structure. Potting compost is perfect for a plant’s early stages, but bedding in to topsoil rather than compost gives a significant advantage.


When transferring your plants from pot to flowerbed, topsoil is the way to go. But what do you do if you think your topsoil has been drained of nutrients?


For many tended flowerbeds, this can be an issue as time goes by. Weeds are removed and discarded for compost, taking the food they drew in with them. Not all this compost will be used in the bed. If your plants are ‘hungry’ (especially common in vegetables) the drain is only increased – and the needs are greater.


Farms get around this through crop rotation, but gardeners tend not to want to let a flowerbed lie fallow for a year, knowing that reclaiming it from the grass and weeds will prove difficult.


Fortunately, there’s a better solution – bring in new topsoil.


The topsoil in our store is quality stuff and can provide an excellent foundation for the next year’s growth. We deliver with our usual dedication to speed and great service. And you can also order other items from our garden supplies alongside it, including bark mulch.


This can provide the extra nutrients you need as you’re bedding your plants in for the year.


There isn’t much of Spring left – contact us to make sure you don’t miss out!

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