Authentic London Pizza Aficonados Win Thanks To Wood

A pizzeria that opened just three months ago has become a Logs Direct Woody Award winner, scooping one of the only awards in the restaurant sector that rewards chefs who cook with wood.

The Rust Bucket Pizza Co, in Love Lane in Woolwich, is run by pizzaiolo and owner, Vito Marino – a committed foodie who says his passion stems from his heritage and the fact that his family has always created fresh and authentic Neapolitan dishes.

The Neapolitan-style pizza he now produces in his eatery, which opened its doors in February, is made using high-quality and organic ingredients such as De Luca Mozzarella and Caputo flour, known as Il Mulino di Napoli.  Other traditional Neapolitan ingredients will soon be introduced, transporting diners’ taste buds from Woolwich to Naples in just a few bites.

Given the desire for authenticity, Vito chose to install a wood-fired oven to cook his pizza and immediately sought out efficient-burning and high quality logs from Lancaster-based Logs Direct.  The logs quickly proved their worth, producing a consistent and even burn in the oven and very little smoke.

Whilst these factors were vital for the Rust Bucket Pizza Co’s operation, as it is located directly below its local council building, where officials would quickly catch on to smoking and high emissions, they have also proved crucial to the quality of the food produced in the oven.

“Delicious”, “authentic” and “top quality” are just three descriptions that customers have given of their pizzas – all of which are partly influenced by the wood burned and the very low smoke emitted during the cooking process.

“Pizza owners who cook with wood often forget their obligations when it comes to smoke emissions in Smoke Controlled Zones,” says Vito Marino.  “As importantly, they also tend to underestimate the importance of using the right wood during the cooking process.  We got this right from the off, using Logs Direct’s high quality, kiln-dried wood that has a moisture content of under 20 per cent.

“We may also start to look at using some of Logs Direct’s speciality fruit woods and its new olive wood, which will enable us to use this natural fuel for flavour and aroma, as well as for consistent and low-smoke cooking.”

Vito reveals that many local people say the lovely smell of wood burning in his pizza oven reminds them of their childhood and its appeal may be why he is confident that a local delivery service, launching soon, will really take off.

Logs Direct’s director, Stephen Talbot, says: “We received some glowing testimonials from customers who had dined on the Rust Bucket Pizza Co’s pizza and quickly tried it ourselves, to judge whether it was worthy of a Woody Award.  It passed with flying colours and we are delighted to make this pizzeria, with its commitment to authenticity and great skills in handling wood, our Woody winner for June 2017.”

More information about Logs Direct can be found at whilst those wishing to sample Woolwich’s new pizzeria for themselves can find information at

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