Log Store Bundle

  1. Kiln Dried Starter Pack & Log Store


    Everything you need to get prepared for winter: a dumpy bag of Woodsure accredited ‘Ready to Burn’ kiln dried logs, 2 large boxes  of kindling, 1  pack of Eco firelighters and a fantastic Logs Direct logstore to keep your wood dry.

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  2. Sale!

    Logs Direct Logstore x 2



    Logs Direct logstores will shelter your firewood from the rain, while still providing plenty of airflow to help them dry. For someone with a lot of wood to store, buy 2 logstores at once and make a fantastic saving! Learn More

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  3. Log Store and Seasoned Dumpy



    A great value Wood Store and dumpy bag full of seasoned hardwood logs consisting of:

    • 1 Dumpy bag of seasoned mixed hardwood logs
    • 1 wood store

The dimensions of the wood store are 1.53m high by 1.2m wide by 0.53m deep.

Please note due to the process of splitting these logs can be quite chunky in nature.

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