Summer Camping and Glamping: Choosing the Best Campfire Wood

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As summer approaches, many people are preparing for camping and glamping trips. One essential element of these outdoor adventures is a campfire. But what type of wood should you use for your campfire? Here, we will explore the options available to you and help you make an informed decision based on your needs.

Kiln Dried Campfire Wood
Kiln dried wood is a popular option for campfires. This type of wood is dried in a kiln to reduce moisture content and make it more efficient for burning. Kiln dried wood is also less likely to produce smoke, making it ideal for people with respiratory issues or wanting to avoid a smoky campfire. This type of wood burns hotter and longer than other types, which means you can enjoy your campfire for longer without having to constantly add new logs. Try our kiln dried logs.

Camping Site Dry Wood
Camping site dry wood is typically harvested from nearby forests and dried to a specific moisture content below 20%, making it easy to light and burn efficiently. Our softwood logs are perfect for starting and building a fire quickly, making them a great choice for your camping or glamping trip. Our hardwood logs are also a good choice for a campfire, they typically burn for longer, making this a popular choice for larger outdoor fires. In terms of which one burns better, that depends on what you are looking for in a fire – quick and easy heat, or long-lasting burning powers. You can also use a mixture of softwood and hardwood for your campfire, as the softwood will help to get your fire started quickly, and the hardwood will burn long into the night.

Packed Logs for Glamping Sites
Packed logs may be the perfect choice for those glamping in more luxurious settings, providing a convenient and reliable source of heat and comfort for guests. These logs are carefully selected, dried, and cut into convenient sizes before being packed in compact bundles, making them easy to transport and store. Try our handy net of softwood logs cut into open fire and stove friendly sizes.


What Wood Burns with Least Smoke?

Kiln dried wood logs are dried in a specialised oven, removing most of the moisture content. This results in a cleaner burn with less smoke and ash. Kiln dried logs are also more efficient, burning hotter and longer than traditional air-dried logs. Packed logs are made from kiln dried wood that has been cut and split into convenient sizes and packaged for easy transport and storage. These logs have consistent moisture content, ensuring a cleaner burn with less smoke. Dry wood, whether air-dried or kiln dried, also burns with less smoke than wet or green wood. Wet wood has a higher moisture content, resulting in more smoke and less heat during burning. Whether you choose kiln dried wood logs, packed logs, or dry wood, you'll be able to enjoy a cleaner burn with less smoke and ash.


The Best Type of Wood for Your Campfire: Factors to Consider

When choosing the best campfire wood for your needs, there are a few factors to consider:

Burn time: How long do you want your campfire to last? Some woods burn hotter and longer than others, so choose a wood that matches your desired burn time.

Smoke: Do you have respiratory issues or simply want to avoid a smoky campfire? Some woods produce more smoke than others, so choose a wood known for producing minimal smoke. Kiln dried logs produces minimal smoke, making it ideal for people with respiratory issues or wanting to avoid a smoky campfire.

Convenience: Do you want to be able to bring your own firewood? Kiln dried wood is a great option if you want to bring your own firewood on your camping or glamping trip. Consider packed logs for convenient storage and transport.

Safety: Are you camping in an area with fire restrictions? If so, you may need to use a specific type of wood. Make sure to research the restrictions before your trip. By considering any restrictions, you can choose the best campfire wood for your needs and enjoy a safe and comfortable camping or glamping experience.


Tips for Building the Perfect Campfire

Once you've chosen the best campfire wood for your needs, it's time to build your fire! Here are some tips to help you build the perfect campfire:

Choose a safe location: Make sure your campfire is located in a designated fire pit or fire ring, and clear away any brush or debris that could catch fire.

Create a base: Use small kindling or tinder to create a base for your fire.

Add your wood: Add your chosen campfire wood to the base, starting with smaller pieces and adding larger pieces as the fire grows.

Keep it small: Don't build a fire that is larger than you need, as this can be dangerous and can also contribute to air pollution.

Watch the weather: Be aware of wind and other weather conditions that could affect your fire.

By following these tips, you can build the perfect campfire and enjoy a memorable camping or glamping experience. Have a great trip!

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