A Woodpile in Winter

Central heating can keep the cold out of a house, but it doesn’t have that same cosy quality of warmth that a good log fire can bring – and it won’t help you mull your wine, either!

Here at Logs Direct, we truly believe that one of the most satisfying things to see in the winter months is a woodpile as you return. That’s one of the reasons we offer wooden log stores – it makes it easy for our customers to get that same thrill as they see it.

A well-stocked woodpile in winter promises that soon you won’t just be warm again but you’ll be cosy and comfortable. Fireplaces, stoves, and other options give that extra level of comfort that turns a house into a home.

But is your woodpile well enough stocked for winters that grow longer?

We can help. Our bags of kiln-dried logs are supplied ready to burn. In fact, so are all our kiln dried log bundles.

Any of these make a great way to guarantee you have the firewood you need to make this winter wonderful and keep the chill far from your bones.

We’re always happy to take a new order and help our customers get what they need. Just get in touch and we’ll start the ball rolling.

After all, it’s true what they say – you can’t beat a good fire in winter

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