How Will the Wood Burner Ban Affect Me?

Wet wood and coal are largest contributors of PM2.5, but what does that mean for wood burner stoves?

Following on from the Clean Air Strategy 2019, the government has released details of how it will be counteracting the negative pollutant effects that result from the UK’s emissions of PM2.5. These tiny particles are known to cause very serious health problems when breathed in and, as a result, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are seeking ways to reduce them.

As stated in a BBC report on the polluting fuel ban, the government plans to phase out sales of house coal and wet wood, the largest collective source of PM2.5 in the nation. But what does this mean for those with wood burning stoves in their homes?

Are wood burning stoves banned? Will wood burning stoves be banned?

Wood burners are not being banned in the UK. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have stressed since announcing the Clean Air Strategy 2019 that this will not be part of their plans. The focus is, instead, on finding cleaner alternatives for home heating systems.

What are the guidelines of the Clean Air Strategy 2019?

The government’s strategy will focus on reducing the use of polluting fuels by banning the sale of all pre-packaged bituminous house coal and regulating the sales of firewood. For those using coal as their primary heating source, this will require purchasing smokeless fuel directly from approved coal merchants.

Firewood will still be able to be purchased from retailers that do not exceed the maximum volume of 2m3 or the required moisture content of 20%. Wood that is sold in volumes larger than 2m3 will now be required to come with instructions for customers to season their wood to remain dry.

Will I still be able to purchase firewood for my stove?

All firewood suppliers will need to be environmentally conscious and only be able to sell wood of a moisture content of less than 20%. At Logs Direct we are already committed to the government’s strategy, with all of our kiln dried and fully seasoned logs already meeting the guidelines set by DEFRA.

Stephen Talbot, Sales Director of Logs Direct, said: “Logs Direct are already committed to the Clean Air Strategy 2019 and providing only Woodsure Quality products. Because of this pre-existing commitment to clean air, there will be no disruption to our services."

For more information on our air pollution policy, feel free to contact us on 01524 812476 or [email protected]. You can also read the Woodsure technical bulletin for more information about dry wood and wt wood.


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