Stock up on summer fuels while prices are cheap

As we approach Spring, Britain remains in the grip of winter (at least it does here in Lancashire where it snowed heavily just this morning). Nevertheless, the chilly weather won’t last forever. Once March is over, the weather should start to get warmer once again. In other words, you have just over a month to get ready for spring, and you may wish to consider stocking up now on fuels to use during spring-time. If you’re planning on holding any barbecues or doing any outdoor cooking, now is the perfect time to buy the fuel you need.

For those of you who are planning to get out the barbecue as soon as the sun starts to shine again, we offer a wide variety of different charcoal products, from premium charcoal briquettes to instant light charcoal. In fact, our lumpwood barbecue charcoal is currently on sale, as are our barbecue grillpacks. By stocking up on charcoal now, you can make sure that you are ready for the arrival of spring while also making a significant saving.

f you have a chiminea or wood-burning outdoor oven waiting for spring, we have fuels for you too. Our chiminea fuel is discounted, just like our lumpwood charcoal and barbecue packs. We are even selling many of our logs at a significant discount at present, so that you can restock on fuel for your wood-burning oven without breaking the bank.

Of course, you may be looking forward to spring because it offers you a chance to get back to gardening rather than because it gives you the opportunity to resume cooking outdoors. If so, you might like to consider investing in our topsoil or mushroom compost now, ready for when the warm weather arrives. After all, we've got those products on sale at the moment too!

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