Chimenea Fuel

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Made from 100% recycled material, perfect for burning in your outdoor garden chiminea or patio fire pit. Designed with a special formula to leave incredibly low residual ash and produce a warm hearty sustained burn.

Our Chimenea and Fire Pit Fuel comes in Handy 10kg bags are easy to store and carry.


Logs Direct chiminea — also often spelt chiminea — and firepit fuel is made from 100% recycled material. It is perfect for summer evenings to compliment and extend a late outdoor meal or barbecue. Our chiminea fuel has a very low ash content — however, any remaining does make fantastic garden fertiliser!

Why not upgrade your outdoors by firing up your chiminea (or fire-pit) and unwind, late into the evening, with your loved ones (and maybe a glass or two of that fine red you’ve been saving)?

Logs Direct Chimenea fuel arrives, delivered free to your door, in handy 10kg bags. The recycled fuel logs are easy to use, clean to handle and they burn with a perfect sustained heat guaranteed to keep you warm long after the sun goes down.

Logs direct Chiminea and Fire Pit Fuel in a nutshell

  • Leaves virtually no unburnt fuel
  • Must be kept dry
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great alternative to more expensive fuels.
  • Can be used on all wood burning appliances

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