Yorganics 100% Recycled UK Garden Compost Dumpy Bag

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We are now very proud to be offering out new Yorganics recycled eco-friendly recycled compost in our standard dumpy bag format.

Dumpy bags have always been our most popular format.  They represent fantastic value. It’s great news that we are now offering the bulk savings of the dumpy format for Yorganics compost.

7- 10 days delivery due to demand


Yorganics is a 100% recycled, peat free, locally sourced and produced compost. It is also accredited to the British Standards Institution (BSI) PAS 100 Standard. Which recognises the production of high quality compost.

It will revitalise any borders and planting beds, greatly improving the quality of the soil. The product is natural and does NOT contain any artificial nitrates which falsely spur on immediate growth. It may take a little longer to see the benefits of Yorganics - but it is worth the wait.