Woodcoal Winter Warmer Package

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A Dumpy bag of kiln dried hardwood, 5 x 20kg bags of smokeless wood coal, 2 bags of kindling & 2 boxes of firelighters in one great Winter Warmer package!


Wood coal is a natural product formed in the earth formed from compressed organic material, mainly wood, over a long period of time. It is an intermediate material in between peat and coal. Logs Direct wood coal is suitable for use in multi-fuel stoves, room heaters and open fires.

If you are new to burning a solid fuel wood coal is a really good introduction to this as it provides a gorgeous glowing briquette in your fire.

Our Kiln Dried firewood logs are selected from the finest hardwood and have been through a kiln drying process which means that they are perfectly dried and ready to burn on your open fire or wood burning stove. Light, clean and easy to handle, they also emit a delightful aroma when burnt. The performance of your stove is directly related to the quality of the wood you use. Our kiln dried wood has a moisture content of below 20 per cent ensuring it burns hotter for longer, increasing the efficiency of your stove or appliance.

*Woodcoal is not an authorised smokeless fuel in the UK, but it is a naturally produced smoke free fuel suitable for burning on most appliances including dedicated wood burning stoves.