At Logs Direct, our kiln dried log bulk bundles offer the perfect solution for those looking to switch to a real fire heating system in their home but are worried about constantly needing to restock fuel. All of our kiln dried logs are light, clean and easy to handle, Ready to Burn with a reduced moisture content.


While our range of bags of kiln dried logs provide an ideal heating solution for those that only require enough firewood for shorter periods of time, our bulk bags are perfect for those looking to store enough fuel for the winter.

Buying in bulk can save significant amounts of time and money that is usually lost restocking fuel. That is why our kiln dried log bulk bundles are perfect for anyone that is using a heating system for prolonged periods of time. It is important, however, to consider available space for storage ahead of time.


When it comes to keeping large amounts of firewood, it is vital that they are stored correctly. Due to the large size of our bulk bundles, storing them indoors is not a practical option. We recommend storing them in a garage where possible or somewhere outdoors, like a back garden or shed. 

Our Kiln Dried Starter Pack & Log Store provides a quick and easy way to get started storing your firewood effectively. We recommend locating your store close to the house for additional weather protection and ease of access but keeping a small amount of room between the store and your wall to avoid moisture getting to the logs.


From hardwood to softwood, all of our kiln dried log bags contain firewood Ready to Burn with a moisture content of 20% or less. This ensures that they are as fuel-efficient as they are cost effective

Poorly dried firewood does give off blackening smoke that can leave heating systems covered in tar and creosote over time. With the reduced moisture content of Ready to Burn kiln dried wood, they are sure to last throughout the winter when stored outdoors properly.  


At Logs Direct, our standard delivery is included within the overall cost of all our products and are delivered nationwide 5-7 working days from your order being made. All deliveries are made to the point nearest available point to your property that is a flat and hard surface, such as a kerb. 


If you have any questions about any of our timber call our team on 01524 812476 or visit our contact page.


Softwood logs are a popular choice for easily creating a quick fire that warms and radiates your room. They are ideal for indoor use as they can help to quickly build a fire, yet have shorter burning times than hardwood. Fir is the most common softwood for wood burners and fires; however, other softwoods that are used for burning are pine, cedar, spruce and balsam. We have a range of softwood logs for sale via our online store – so please have a browse to learn more about the various softwood options available to you.


Our customers often wonder about the differences between softwood logs vs hardwood logs. The main difference is that softwood is less dense than hardwood and typically burns quicker. This means that it is easier to set alight, which is a major preference for some people. Whether you opt for softwood or hardwood really is down to a matter of personal preference. Some people only use softwood as it’s so easy to burn; however, others prefer the qualities of hardwood logs.


Softwood can be used in a wood burner. However, it does produce more resin, so it is recommended that you clean your chimney more frequently if you choose to use this type of fuel. You should also ensure that your softwood has been kiln dried to below 20 percent moisture, otherwise it will be difficult to burn in your wood burner. The other thing to be aware of is that softwood produces more smoke when it burns, which can make it more challenging for use in indoor burners.


Softwood logs are perfect for starting and building a fire quickly, making them great choices for many people. However, once alight, hardwood typically burns for longer, making this a popular choice for larger, outdoor fires. In terms of which one burns better, that depends on what you are looking for in a fire – quick and easy heat, or long-lasting burning powers.


Hardwood logs

Everyone loves the natural, homely glow of a multi-fuel stove as the temperature begins to drop. It's a great way to create a cosy atmosphere and to heat your home. When it comes to what you burn in your stove, there's a range of options available. Kiln dried, Ready to Burn hardwood logs are a great choice for a variety of reasons, particularly when it comes to burning time and heat generation. Having hardwood logs delivered can make life easier, and the logs themselves give you heat, consistency and a long burning time.


Hardwood logs come from deciduous broadleaf trees such as oak or ash, which are slower growing than conifers, meaning the logs they produce are denser. This means they burn much more slowly, and as a result, are the best option for keeping your fire going for longer. Hardwood is denser than softwood, making it heavier. This means that a comparable weight of softwood takes up more room, without offering any extra burning time. Softwood contains more resin than hardwood meaning that it can be quick to ignite, making it an ideal choice for kindling but for logs that give off lots of heat and burn for any length of time, hardwood is a better choice.


Wood briquettes are an increasingly popular option for multi-fuel stove owners. They are compact, easy to store and offer a steady clean burn. Easy to handle, stack and store they're made from compacted wood waste products, which makes them an eco-conscious option. They can be a great choice where storage space is more limited. Many people prefer the natural feel of traditional logs, but when it comes to burning efficiency and heat generated, briquettes are a great choice.


Much depends on the particular size of the log, the tree it comes from and how you're burning it. Whatever hardwood you're burning, hardwood logs will always burn for considerably longer than softwood logs. With hardwood logs you won't be constantly topping up your fire. Build a fire with hardwood logs and you should be alright for at least 2-3 hours, in fact hardwood logs make a great choice for leaving to generate a low steady heat overnight. Hardwood logs represent an optimum choice when you want long-lasting and consistent heat. If you're looking for hardwood logs for sale, then why not take a look at our range. We make buying the logs you need easy and convenient.

Wood briquettes are made from dry and untreated chips of wood and dried sawdust, which are pressed together to form brick-shaped slabs of wood. Otherwise known as eco logs, they are made for the primary purpose of burning. We stock a range of briquette types and sizes, all are now tested and Ready to Burn, so if you’re looking for briquettes for a log burner, have a browse of our online store to find the right ones for you.


Wood briquettes typically contain less than 10 per cent moisture – less than wooden logs – which means that they can reach much hotter temperatures and therefore burn for longer. They are more economical than logs, as they have superior burning qualities. Another significant advantage of using wood briquettes for burning is that they are easy to light up and put out. They also produce little to no odour, smoke and ash. Many people prefer using wood briquettes to wooden logs because they are easy to break down into smaller pieces, making them ideal for use in indoor fireplaces.


The average burn time for two pounds of wood briquettes is one hour. Of course, this can vary between manufacturers; however, you can generally expect to reach this level of performance, which is longer than the burning time for logs.


Briquettes are generally cheaper to use than wooden logs. This is because they are more economical and burn for longer, meaning that you’ll need to buy fewer of them over time. Logs also need to be dried and cracked before they are ready to be sold as firewood; this is typically a more expensive process than compressing the chips and sawdust used for briquettes. For one of the best selections of briquettes in the UK, head to the Logs Direct online store, where you’ll find a variety of brands and quantities to suit your needs, with fast delivery times.

Smoke free zones are becoming more and more common, as different parts of the country try to protect air quality and improve the environment. One reaction to this has been for more and more people to start burning smokeless fuel such as coal and ‘ready to burn’ kiln dried logs. We also offer the option of a wide range smokeless 20kg bags.

By combining our smokeless 20kg bags with options like hardwood, softwood logs you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The logs give off the kind of subtle yet pleasing aroma associated with wood smoke, while the smokeless fuel itself increases the intensity of the heat and the length of time the fire burns for. By using kiln dried logs which have a moisture content of less than 20%, you’re guaranteed a genuinely ‘smoke free’ fire.

The options we offer include woodcoal, Supabrite, excel and Blaze. If you’re not sure which would suit you best then get in touch with us and we’ll explain the properties of each and advise you in making the best choice for your requirements.

You may be unsure whether you live in a smoke controlled area, in which case you should check the government’s own website at Failure to remains smoke free is not only bad for the environment, it can also lead to you having to pay a pretty heavy fine. Thanks to Logs Direct, complying with the rules is simple, at the same time as enjoying a beautiful blazing fire that creates minimal mess to clear up.


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