Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs for Sale in Lancaster

When buying your firewood from Logs Direct, you don't have to choose between supporting a local business and receiving high quality logs; you can have both. From our humble beginnings as a father-son operation, Logs Direct maintains its local, family owned roots, while the proven quality of our products and services has helped propel us to the success we see today.

Logs Direct go to great lengths to make sure that your winter fuel avoids the problems that are commonly found in cheap wood. High moisture content leads to thick, choking smoke, which makes open fires unpleasant, and is particularly damaging to wood burning stoves. The method of kiln drying we use for your logs means that moisture content is reduced below 20%, the ideal amount for light, aromatic smoke and a crackling log fire.

The wood we deliver to you is all dried, chopped, packed and delivered by our team from Halton, allowing you to support a community local to Lancaster, while our business practices and recognition as wood fuel merchants assure you that you will also be supporting the environment.

More Products

Despite the name, we don't just have logs for sale. Alongside our kiln-dried firewood you will also find coal, wood pellets, kindling wood, and a number of other useful products for your home.

Smokeless CoalSmokeless Fuel: For the majority of Lancaster, smoke control laws are in place that dictate what fuel you are allowed to use, especially south of the Lune. Houses in Scotforth, Greaves, Marsh, Abraham Heights, Newton, Ridge, Haverbreaks, Aldcliffe, Stodday and Lancaster city centre all fall under the smoke control laws, which prohibit you from burning certain fuels.

Luckily, Logs Direct offer smokeless fuels that are legal to use in all of these areas, as well as firewood that is useable in DEFRA exempt wood burning stoves. This means you can still enjoy the look and feel of a coal fire in your home, without worrying about potential smoke, and it keeps your house air cleaner as well.

Log StoreLog Stores: Kiln dried hardwood is naturally resistant to water, but that doesn't mean you can just leave it out in the rain! If you don't have a shed, garage or outhouse for log storage, then you'll need something to help keep your firewood dry, especially in Lancaster's wet winter months.

A standard sized log store like this one is the perfect thing. Made of tanalised timber, which helps against all forms of decay, these log stores are happy to take the worst of the weather to protect your logs. The log store design is made to be airy, allowing the wood to breathe and dry while in storage, so even if your logs do get water on them, it won't soak in.

You don't have to have a log store like this one though. We know that not all gardens in Lancaster are the perfect shape and size, so we can offer to build you a custom design, making sure that your log store will fit in where you need it. Just let us know your log store plans, and we can help you get the storage solution you need to keep your firewood dry.

Log BasketsLog Baskets: If you've got your outdoor log storage sorted, then you may well be looking at your indoor log storage. Our range of rattan wicker log baskets does the job perfectly, letting you keep a neat stack of logs by the fireside so you don't have to keep popping in and out of the house, or worry about the mess they'll cause.

The wheeled basket range is perfect for getting large bundles of logs to and from the fireplace, meaning you don't have to carry heavy loads around and you can do it all in one trip.

Decorative LogsDecorative Logs: Not all logs have to be for burning. You can really spruce up your fireside with some decorative logs, hand-picked from our products as being the perfect addition to your home. Arranged in a net, these logs add a freshly chopped wood feel to your fireplace, or you can stack them yourself however you like. You could even place them in the fireplace when it's not in use over summer to keep it from looking empty.

Logs Direct are committed to making Lancaster an easy place to find fuel for, and to keep you warm in the winter months. If you browse our whole range you're bound to find what you're looking for, or you can always give us a call on 01524 812 476 where we can help you in person.