Kiln Dried Logs & Seasoned Hardwood in Kent

As the Garden of England, Kent lays claim to some of the most beautiful land in the country, as well as some of the oldest attractions. That makes it a great place to get up and about in during summer, but when winter comes along, most people would rather cosy up indoors, next to a warm, merrily crackling log fire. Logs Direct understand that a good fire comes from good firewood, so that’s why we aim to provide Kent with some of the best.

Our firewood is kiln-dried to less than 20% moisture content. This means that it will burn hotter and longer than higher moisture wood, where the fire has to burn out all the water before it can get to the log. In wood with a higher moisture content you’ll also find thicker, more acrid smoke compared to our dry hardwood, which produces a much nicer smelling, light wood smoke, much more like the comfortable, homey feeling you want in winter.

Our logs are also sourced from FSC approved forests, which means that no more trees are cut down than are planted each year, making our logs a carbon neutral fuel solution. For each log you burn, a tree is out there ready to take in all the carbon dioxide, which is what gives it life, so you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint to keep yourself warm.

All of our products come with free home delivery, and arrive within 5-7 days. If you need your firewood more urgently than that, or need to ask for something specific, then feel free to call us on 01524 812 476 and we’ll be happy to help you.