What is the best firewood you can buy?

At Logs Direct, we offer a wide range of logs available to burn in wood-burning stoves and fire pits. Newer owners of burners may not know what the best firewood logs they can buy for long-burning and efficient home use.

We’re here to help and have created a best practice guide on the logs that make for the best firewood for log burners.

Which logs are best for log burners?


Oak is the king of hardwoods. It burns slowly with a high heat output which makes it perfect for warming through rooms with burners or firepits. While it takes longer to season than other woods, it’s consistent and reliable for burning.


Beech is known for its consistency and its steady output of heat, as well as not cracking and popping as much as other woods do. It offers more efficiency by creating less creosote than other hardwoods which means less risk of chimney fires. A great choice for those looking for a hardwood with less cleanup.


Ash wood is the best firewood for burners with more experience wanting to season their own wood. It splits well and seasons very fast, and burns with a steady, consistent flame. At Logs Direct, we also offer pre-seasoned ash like other hardwoods for a practical, ready-to-burn solution.


Birch lights quickly and is softer than other choice hardwoods, which makes it great for kindling. Building your fire with a mix of birch and any other hardwood will make for a long-lasting and efficient fire.

Choosing the best firewood for sustainability and responsibility

It’s not just about the heat output or how quickly the wood burns, but considering the sustainability of your chosen fuel is an important factor. Buying firewood that’s been locally sourced cuts down on emissions from transporting it and helps sustain local businesses. Plus, to ensure that it’s coming from forests that are being maintained and overseen responsibly, look for certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to start a fire with firewood?

The best way to start a fire using firewood is by setting up your kindling and hardwood in a teepee formation. Your kindling should act as the base with the hardwood pieces resting against each other vertically.

Can I burn treated wood?

You should never burn treated wood, due to the fumes that are released when burned. Always ensure the wood you burn is properly dried and doesn’t include any paints, varnishes, or other contaminants that could react when burned.

How often should I clean my chimney?

You should ideally clean your chimney once a year to make sure that residual soot and creosote isn’t building up and causing your stove to burn inefficiently.

Now that you’ve read about the best firewood to keep your home warm and bright, why not browse the range of kiln-dried firewood available from us?


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