Using Peat Briquettes

Peat briquettes are becoming more and more popular with fire lovers up and down the country as an alternative to logs and coal – it gives very little smoke and has a unique aroma when burned that many have fallen for.

Just as important – it’s very easy to store (we ship it in bales) and is clean and easy to handle; there’s no soot or waste residue.

Peat briquettes burn extremely hot, and as a result we recommend only using one briquette at a time – but the upside is that those briquettes hold a lot of energy and release it more steadily than firewood, with the burn potentially lasting even longer.

You can even use peat briquettes to keep your stove burning overnight. Because the energy release is steady and there’s no risk of sparking, basic safety precautions are enough.

It’s worth noting that a peat flame is orange with a blue tinge; this is one of the reasons that many peat burners used a mixed fuel, with the briquettes providing the majority of the heat while the firewood presents that more traditional fire profile.

Burning peat connects you to a centuries-long history of peat burning across the UK, and now, peat harvesters are turning the bogs into areas of amazing natural beauty – it can be spellbinding.

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